Locked & Loaded (goal achieved)


Ok the above photo sums my goal race day very well!

My 5k started at 8:30 AM, Sunday October 26th, 2014. I felt very optimistic the day would unfold well, never did I think it would go this well!

Did my rounds of each race saying hi to everyone I knew, some from the community and some from the Internet (social media)…blogs & Twitter mostly.

Then my 5k start was upon us, little did I know my friend @BTBogtrotters was behind me In the corral with his wife & eldest son. I had said hi to them shortly before our start.

I saw finishes of many friends, community members that inspired me greatly…one finish was particularly amazing. Two @RunATCan people were doing their first full marathon at Legs for literacy 2014 (they mentioned this awhile back). I said “I would be there to see their finish” & as a women of my words I stayed at the finish line after my race until they crossed! I’ve never felt so emotional in every sense of the word. I’m now proud to call them Marathoners! It takes a person with a grand personality to become a marathoner…boy does this couple exude strength & perseverance well. They finished together & that is aw inspiring in itself.

I was apart of #teamCBC for the second year in a row and it just felt good! From my angle my 5k couldn’t have gone any better, I came out of the start with a feeling things were about to go very well! My first K was gentle with spurts of playing sprints to the next light post and slowing slightly to catch my breath. Then at 2-3k, I eased off to cheer on some 10k racers on their way back towards the finish line. As I turned onto Main Street (at about 3k) I felt ok to slowly increase pace again. The last 1.5 k was the best…increasing pace to get up to Main from Mechanic (slight incline), talked myself up the street to main, then as I turned on Main I gave it all I had left & even getting chased by a 10k racer right to the finish. It’s a very unique feeling being chased at a finish line. I came over the line to smiling parents who snapped pics with my iPad!



Those pics (above) summarize an epic adventure!

Now my results: 2013/2014
50:54 (2013) 45:36 (2014)
10:11 (2013) 9:08 (2014)

Currently my PB (personal best)
Time off = 5:18
Pace better by 1:03 per K

I couldn’t have had a more energetic & inspiring weekend. Great people & great spirits were had by all.



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