Locked & Loading (over the top)

Loading is a word of great meaning. Unfortunately there’s two sides to this word & I’m here to let you know why.

Loading can be good in the way of training you load your muscles into doing what you need of them and then there is overload. My emotions have been getting the best of me & it took some crying & emotional refocus to get me here.

I have a great support system in various groups I’ve aligned myself with through social media. I belong to a Twitter group called @RunAtCan which is mainly focused on Atlantic Canada with some runners from “away” too. We do a weekly chat on running topics with the #RunAtCan (if you want to check it out). Throughout the rest of the week we support each other & send tweets left, right and centre.

Saturday October 4th 2014, I took a mini panic like attack and irrationally was thinking about my upcoming race 3 weeks away. This is the first time in my 2 major races and a few fun runs that this has happened. It was our faithful @RunAtCan leader that set me straight and reassured me it was ok.

This is also the same group that is coming to Legs for literacy…the race on October 26th 2014. There’s where more crazy thinking came into play. I know of about 10 other group members coming. Most of them are doing the 5k with me & one couple is doing a full marathon and possibly one other person is doing a half marathon. This is suppose to be a personal quest, that has a new group aspect involved. I’m overthinking what will be (yet again) an amazing race, made better with good people. The advice given to me was use the energy from the crowds during the race, I know how it feels, they boost your spirits at a time when you need it. That’s what my RunAtCan group did…a spirit boost!




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