Locked & Loading (SuperCoach)


I’ve been a bit baffled with all the extreme good that life brings.
I know you’re possibly saying well that’s good, right, it is yet it’s become overwhelming.

This week saw me acquire some pretty nice swag. A bag for commenting on the CBC fall launch of tv programming and 5 days later, a new pair of running shoes thanks to http://www.EachCoach.com I couldn’t believe my luck. September 23rd is my birthday and this is all happening at a good time. “Timing is everything” so I’ve been told!

This past week training wise was rough, like life, up’s & downs do occur and it was more down than up. I’m now moving on and looking forward to the official reveal of the new 5K route for my goal race. I cannot wait, things are looking up!


This is me with my CBC bag.



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