Locked & Loading (training log)

Goal: To run an entire 5K
Where/When: Moncton NB/October 26,2014
Race: Legs for Literacy (2014)

I did however take a leap to get me started…I declared to the entire nation via http://www.EachCoach.com that my fall race goal was to run an entire 5K…I will do this! My goal got published in the wednesday August 20 2014 edition of the National Post paper. GULP (never thought in a million years it would be in the paper)!

I’m in the middle of week 2 training, loading my legs to get used to running. I’m a sucker for “punisment” yet training is getting me down. My routes vary by temperature and time I have to train. On very HOT/SUNNY I take a route down to my old neighborhood (lots of shade) with a shorter distance & on overcast/rainy or late night training I do a path by the river (where it would be to hot otherwise) not a lot of trees (longer distance)! My options are limited, I live in a urban landscape full of hard surfaces (sidewalks made of brick/cement, gravel trails & some boardwalk).
The worst part of this is…I don’t drive ( so i can’t just up & go)…I run 3-4 times a week with 1-2 days cross training (biking or walking). I seem to be getting the runners “slump”. I don’t want this to get me down, yet the lack of variety is not helping.

As I focus on the smaller goals I’ve chosen for this week (#2) I did accomplish 1 of 2…now is the time for action!

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