Thumbs up, full color!

My second run for 2014, was one you’d never think you would take part in yet glad you did.
In early June 2014 RCMP officers were asked to attend a call for a person with weapons. It ended up being a person who shot 3 police officers (killed them) and wounded 2 others. The city was shutdown (completely) for 30 hours. I was out for a walk the day it happened & heard an abnormal amount of sirens & saw 2 lady officers from Nova Scotia, wished them a safe evening. I went home and found out what was happening boy did I have a lump in my throat moment and it continued for the next 30 hours until it was done!
The run was 3K for three fathers, it was on Father’s Day. To raise funds for the families of the three fallen officers. Our city knows how to overcome obstacles, with over 6000 people taking part from all over Canada & the world. This  run was put on in less than 1week. I’m proud to have been apart of it & to see my city rise again, our city motto is RESURGO after all!


Thumbs up, full color (this is where I got the title idea)!


The next weekend I took part in a very crazy & fun run (Run or Dye), it was held at Poley Mountain in Sussex NB. I have a whole new appreciation for running in the mountains, it was hard yet rewarding. The weather was rainy (on & off) & foggy for most of the day, then the sun came out as I finished. The weather didn’t  dampen our spirits, the course was re configured just before we started, still it was the muddiest & most colorful race I’ve taken part in (to date).

So my conclusion is simple: go crazy once in awhile, you’ll surprise yourself!



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