Bluenose Marathon 10k first!

Little did I ever think… I would take part in the largest marathon east of Ottawa, Ontario in my lifetime!

The Scotiabank, Bluenose Marathon is the largest marathon east of Ottawa Ontario (our nations capital) in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I decided on October 31st 2013 take part in the race. Only 4 days after my first race.
I volunteer for the Ronald McDonald house Family room in my hometown (Moncton, New Brunswick). I’ve been volunteering since March 22, 2013. I started to feel compelled  to give back, I joined the Ronald McDonald house charity challenge team February 17, 2014 and raised almost 3 times more than I thought I would. I raised $270.

I got scared stiff (literally) 2 weeks before & somehow managed to slowly move about and feel better. It was fear gripping me, I didn’t let it get me down. This was the start of something way beyond comprehension ! I arrived (in Halifax) Saturday afternoon, I sent my 5k teammates off and watched them finish! My nerves went out the window until my 10 K on Sunday.

Sent off by my parents (see photo above) I got to the start and was motivated to get going…at the 7K mark I got a feeling “a mind body recognition” that wasn’t good. Feeling your body hurt & blisters on your feet was scary. I had never done a 10k race (until now)! I was surprised that a random lady asked me questions & talked me up the hill. I’m thankful for it, we spent 2k talking and when I saw the best sign ever “10K 1k left, I said best wishes to the lady & gunned’er to the finish.

My finish moments were sweet (super hero style) and made even better by asking 2 first aid volunteers & 3 paramedics to part ways at the end of the finish area, one volunteer asked why and I pointed (with conviction) and said my parents are behind you…I have a sweet photo of that volunteer grinning as I lunged towards my parents (big mistake), I hurt for a few days after! My parents experienced my second finish (it was their first time seeing a finish!)
I look back & can say it was the most overwhelming, scary and amazing choice I could take! A bucket list item was checked!



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