SURGaversary !

I’m honored to be coming up on my first “RUN”aversary, in October. I never thought I would be even attempting 5k & 10k  races, Somehow I made it happen since October 2013.

Here’s my story so far…it all started many years after I saw a few Legs for Literacy finishes near my place. I would walk by them on my way to work. I had some idea one day I would take part in that race, but when.

In August 2013, our local CBC Radio had a contest on why you’d like to learn to run & run a 5k at Legs. So I put my entry in stating, I was a former literacy tutor, and was curious to learn the mechanics of running. So I jumped at the opportunity both feet first. The day before they announced the team (on their morning show), I got very sick. Sick enough to land me in the hospital for the first time (ever) as a patient. That Monday came & went, they picked the team. Mom comes into my hospital room saying “you’re not going to learn to run a 5k.” I said to mom “of course not I’m sick.” Then it took me a few seconds to realize I was picked for the team (obviously good pain management). In the back of my head (thanks to a very encouraging  DR.) I could possibly still take part. The Dr. Previously mentioned the earliest surgery could happen was in 5 days, I knew I was in for a long haul, yet the desire to take part gave me a focus. A focus to get better quickly!

I did exactly what the Dr. said to do (turning heads as I did), so I could get surgery sooner rather than later. Day 4 came knowing I could possibly have surgery (that day) or the next day for sure. It was Friday, all I remember was being told Thursday evening that after midnight I wasn’t to take anything by mouth, my IV was the only liquid I was allowed, so the day grew longer as I waited…waited and waited some more. Then at about 4:30 pm the dr came in, explained everything and had me sign the consent. Then about 4 hours passed as I continued to wait (this time with my parents), I was wheeled down to the OR, where I waited a few more minutes. Saw the Dr, anesthesiologist and one of the nurses that would be by my side the entire time. Ironic thing when I signed the consent form my parents weren’t there, the Dr. had performed an operation on my mom and when the Dr. saw her he said “and this is your daughter”. Things at that point got overwhelming, questions flying left, right and center at me. Then the next thing I was in the OR, looked at the clock, it said 8:30pm. The last question I was asked by the anesthesiologist was how tall I was (as the sleepy drugs were being pushed into my IV) I said 5″9 and off to la la land I went. The next thing I remembered was waking in recovery (only person there) as I was the last scheduled patient for the day. Then I was rolled up to my room (again saw the time) 11:45 PM. Did well overnight and went home by 1pm the next day! It was an amazing focus that lead me to the race in 2013 finished it in 50:54 walking it. I’ve never looked back since. The reason this is my topic is today August 15, 2014 is my “SURGaversary” 1 year later!

I’ll keep you hanging on my next topic, it’s another first!


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